ZERO Accidents Culture

Work-related accidents are unacceptable. Employee health and safety needs to become part of our DNA. We are working across our organisation to prevent accidents and build a zero accidents culture.

We target a reduction in accidents every year up to 2030 – to reach our overall target of zero accidents. That’s the way it should be!

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All employees live by our safety rules, eliminating risks and preventing accidents. They do the simple things like holding the handrails on stairs and wearing personal protective equipment in our breweries and labs. They respect the separation of pedestrian and forklift pathways and apply life-savings rules like lock/out/ tag/out during machine maintenance.

They also look out for each other. If someone notices a colleague is at risk, he or she does not hesitate to intervene and highlight the potential danger. We also complement each other on positive behaviour.

That’s the kind of culture we’re aiming for.


Steps to get there

Our four-step awareness-raising programme to achieve zero accidents includes:

1. Leadership behaviour

A Health & Safety leadership training programme which teaches managers to understand, recognise and positively reinforce the safe behaviour we want to see in the workplace.

2. Communication and visibility

Communicating our priorities and best practices openly and regularly. This includes ZERO ACCIDENTS branding and a review of all Health & Safety markings/signage at our sites.

3. Procedures and systems

Our Group policies and procedures map out how we work with Health & Safety. They ensure that all major risks are identified and addressed.

4. Transparency and performance

Follow up on performance and measurement of our Health & Safety key performance indicators to help us prioritise our efforts for maximum impact.

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Goal 2030:

0% of disability cases

Goal 2022:

reducing the number of accidents each year

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