ZERO Irresponsible Drinking

We are proud of our beers. They are a key component of many positive occasions, bringing people together.

However, irresponsible drinking can turn those positive moments into problematic ones.

Our vision for a better tomorrow is a society without irresponsible drinking. No drinking and driving. No underage drinking. Just moderate consumption and enjoyment.

In this area, we focus on choice and collaboration. On providing options that help consumers make informed and responsible choices. And on collaboration with partners who can help us address and prevent alcohol-related harm.

What we do?


Work with others



Alcohol misuse is a diffuse societal problem and addressing it takes collaboration between all relevant stakeholders. We therefore identify partners and work with them to find common solutions. In 2016, we worked with consumer groups, NGOs, retailers, volunteer organisations, law enforcement agencies and other brewers.

See examples below:

We joined the Global Beer Responsibility Day


We joined our efforts with other beer market players in a bid to fight for responsible beer drinking, for we are certain that the main challenges in this area can only be solved through active and effective cooperation between all stakeholders — manufacturers, retailers and consumers. For two years on end, we have been participating in the social campaign of the Global Beer Responsibility Day intended to draw the social attention to the problem of selling beer to minors and underage drinking. The campaign is carried out at the initiative of the industrial association Ukrpivo. On this day, hundreds of employees of the participating companies working in beer industry visited  ≈80,000 points of sale to remind about the fact that selling beer to underage persons is prohibited.


countries took part in the campaign and called for the responsible drinking


thousands of concerned volunteers visited points of sale of alcoholic drinks in Ukraine


thousands of printed materials containing information on responsible beer drinking were distributed

In 2016, we signed the Memorandum of Intent to Develop Partnership and Take Measures to Prevent Selling Beer to Underage Persons

Under the auspices of the Ukrpivo industrial association, some of the Ukrainian beer brewing companies, namely Carlsberg Ukraine, SUN InBev Ukraine and Efes Ukraine,​​ joined their efforts to back a common social initiative and signed a Memorandum laying out the rules for all members of the supply chain, including breweries and retailers. The initiative was also supported by the representatives of global and national retail chains, such as METRO Chash&Carry Ukraine and VARUS.


Carlsberg Group celebrated the Global Beer Responsibility Day by partially switching off the 10-meter sign with the Carlsberg logo on top of the 21-floor building of the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen. The “Car” bit in the world Carlsberg was switched off in order to raise awareness of the dangers associated with drunk driving



At the 300FEST festival sponsored by Lvivske, we called for the responsible beer drinking during the event

In summer 2016, Lviv hosted an open-air festival 300FEST, which served as a good opportunity to draw social attention to the problems of responsible beer drinking. The festival organizers were to ensure that the attenders of the event were drinking beer responsibly. At point of sales and throughout the festival venue, humorous signs would cell for responsible drinking, such as “Grabbed a beer — leave the wheel”, “Drink slow to last until the headliner” and others. Persons younger than 18 were dispensed wristbands of a special color denoting that it is strictly forbidden to sell them beer. Apart from that, the 300FEST team also kept environment in mind. The festival venue was equipped with garbage bins with signs on them indicating which kind of garbage they are for — glass, paper, plastic or other. Staff dressed like super heroes were encouraging the festival attenders to take part in this initiative and explaining how to sort the garbage.

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