Responsible business

Labour & human rights, Responsible sourcing, Anti-bribery & corruption, and Product quality & Safety are all important topics for our business and stakeholders. Below, we briefly describe our efforts in these areas

Labour & human rights


Our overarching Labour & human rights (LHR) objective is to provide a safe, healthy working environment in which all our employees can achieve their potential.

To reach this objective, we need to have the right people, policies and leadership skills in place. That’s why we reviewed the Group’s Labour & Human Rights Policy in 2016, ready for launch in 2017. We also introduced triple A as a behavioural framework for leadership training and recruitment at management level. Triple A stands for alignment, accountability and action and is part of the Carlsberg Group’s approach to creating a team-based culture.

Responsible sourcing

Carlsberg Ukraine is committed to making a positive contribution to society and the environment by developing and implementing ethical business practices that allow us to deliver financial success while ensuring our business strategy and operations are conducted in a responsible manner.

Carlsberg Ukraine prides itself on being an ethical business, and we expect the suppliers/partners with whom we work to share these standards. In doing this, we seek to create value for our shareholders and our broader stakeholders, including our employees, our business partners, and the communities in which we operate.

Our Supplier and Licensee Code of Conduct contains standards, which all companies intending to cooperate with us should comply with. This key instrument, being part of our contracts with suppliers, covers four priorities of Carlsberg’s sustainable development.

With the Code as a basis, we strive to build mutually beneficial relationships, safeguarding integrity and future supply.

Anti-bribery & corruption


Anti-bribery & corruption is now an integral part of the Group-wide training being rolled out in 2017. And in markets with a specific need, we are offering tailor-made face-to-face anti-bribery and corruption training on request.

Under the banner Live by our Compass we reaffirmed our stance on business ethics in 2016. At its core is a revised Code of Ethics & Conduct.

We are bringing the new Code to life with illustrated case stories covering 14 subjects - ranging from compliance with laws and company policies, through responsible drinking, political activities and donations.

Product quality & safety - Getting it right every time

Each product we deliver has a unique recipe, which gives it a distinctive taste, appearance and consistency.  Through our supply chain, we work to ensure that recipes always meet the precise specifications defined for each product, and we monitor quality closely throughout production.

Supplying safe, high-quality products is always our top priority, since that is how we are ultimately judged.

Experts at our central lab in Demark test around 2,200 beer samples annually. In addition, our 80 local sensory panels carry out tastings of a further 80,000 products.


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