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We invest in culture and sciences, taking care about society and inline with the key principles of the Carlsberg Foundation set out by our founder J.C. Jacobsen back in 1876


The Carlsberg Foundation is one of the world's oldest commercial foundations. Here, ambitious brewing enterprise blossoms side by side with support for the finest science, scholarship, art and culture. The Foundation has supported many historically important scientific advances. 

In 1883, for the first time in the history of brewing, Professor Emil Christian Hansen isolated a pure culture of beer yeast Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis. And in 1909, Professor Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen developed the pH scale. Apart from that, Niels Bohr and August Krogh had been carrying out their research for several years, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. The Carlsberg Foundation supports art culture, constantly contributing to the growth of the Danish Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Palace. It stores and constantly acquires new items depicting Denmark’s history from the Middle Ages until today. The New Carlsberg Foundation provides continuous financing to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek exhibiting a precious collection of Greek and Roman statues, Egyptian artifacts and works of art by French impressionists.


We support education

Inspired by the personal example of our founder J.C. Jacobsen, we promote various educational programmes, projects and student organizations. In addition, we contribute through arranging fellowships for talanted young people

Yevgen Shevchenko, CEO of Carlsberg Ukraine, agreed to mentor young Ukrainian entrepreneurs as part of the CEO for U initiative by the European Business Association. CEO for U is a competition with prizes comprising consultations with the leading executives of European and global companies operating in Ukraine. The competition welcomes young Ukrainian entrepreneurs who produce quality innovative products or provide socially beneficial services in Ukraine.

"I enjoy sharing my knowledge and being useful"

Yevgen Shevchenko, CEO of Carlsberg Ukraine


In 2019

We donated to the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv where many gifted students are studying

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We support art

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In 2019, The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle hosts the Nordic competition The Carlsberg Foundation’s Portrait Award. It is the seventh time that the competition is held.

The aim of the competition is to bring about greater interest for ‘the portrait’ amongst artists and the general public. The competition is open to entries in the form of a painting, a sculpture, a video, an installation or a work of sonic art.

On account of the 300th anniversary of Lvivska Brewery, we sponsored the art exhibition Zrilist (Maturity) that for the first time in history displayed rare portraits dated between 17th and 18th centuries.


The exhibition featured paintings by renowned artists mainly from the Italian, Spanish and Austrian schools of painting, as well as works of unknown artists. The exhibited paintings included portraits of mature people who at the time of their lives had peaked in their spiritual, physical or intellectual development and social status. The museum curators selected items to be displayed at the Zrilist exhibition from the European art depositories of the Lviv National Art Gallery. The majority of paintings had to be restored. The artistic merit of the suggested paintings lies in the fact that they served as an unequivocal chronicle of that time, whose incredibly unbiased and deep imagery unravels not only the appearance of a particular person, but also the spiritual and emotional content of the period between the 17th and 18th centuries.


We topped the list of Ukrainian companies with the most stable reputation

Carlsberg Ukraine came out first in the “Reputational ACTIVists” ranking in the category “Reputational Stability” arranged by the media company Business.

The exemplary management of corporate reputation and the systemic approach to operation allowed Carlsberg Ukraine to not only be called No. 1 in the category “Reputational Stability,” but also make the top three reputational activists in the category FMCG Food.

Reputational ACTIVists, a ranking suggested by the media company Business, is a way of recognizing the accomplishments of Ukrainian companies in reputation management and an opportunity to encourage other market players to comprehend the importance of reputation capital. All candidates went through an unbiased selection process and were assessed by a publicly known expert panel.

Volodymyr Chepoviy, Editor in Chief, Business: “The open dialog the company maintains with its audience is one of the key management tools, since the country’s potential is defined to a large extent not only by its economic performance, but also by how businesses organize their reputation management system. Through this ranking we aimed to raise our readership’s awareness of the ever growing importance of reputation.”


Social Responsibility Mark


We were awarded the Social Responsibility Mark

The Social Responsibility Mark (SRM) is awarded to companies and individuals who have provided financial aid of $10,000 or more (as of the currency exchange rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine at the date of donation) to the underprivileged during one year, in one or more installments. SRM is awarded starting from the moment of transferring the specified amount to the underprivileged, and lasts for one year. Apart from Carlsberg Ukraine, another nine Ukrainian companies from different industries and business sectors received the Social Responsibility Mark in a move to claim their socially active stance and the commitment to providing help. See more information about the reward at

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