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Acceptable Use Policy

This website (Website) is run by Carlsberg Ukraine (we, us, our). This Acceptable Use Policy sets the terms and conditions to be complied by you and us, under which you can be given access to our Website. This Acceptable Use Policy is applicable to all the users and visitors of our Website.

By using our Website, you accept and agree to comply with all the rules of the aforesaid Acceptable Use Policy, which supplements our terms of use, confidentiality policy, and policy on the use of cookies.

Our company was registered in Ukraine, EDRPOU identification code: 00377511. Company’s registered address: 6 Vasylia Stusa Str., Zaporizzhia, 69076. If necessary, our affiliates can work on our Website or help develop it. Our affiliates are any of our subsidiaries or holding companies as well as any subsidiaries of any of our holding companies.

Prohibited use types

Our Website may be used solely for the purposes permitted by law. The Website may not be used:

  • in a way that violates any applicable regional, national, or international laws or rules;
  • in a way that violates any legislative provisions or is fraudulent, pursues any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or action;
  • for the purpose of causing harm or trying to cause harm to minor children in any way;
  • for sending, deliberately receiving, uploading to the Website and downloading from the Website, using for the first time or using again any material that fails to meet our standards for the website content (see below);
  • for transferring or arranging the transfer of any unwanted advertisement or advertisement not consented to by the recipient, promotional material or any other form of such imposition of services (spam);
  • deliberately transmitting any data, sending or uploading to the website any material, which contains various viruses (Trojan horses and the like), time bombs, keystroke loggers, spy programs, advertising software, any other harmful programs or a similar computer code developed to make a negative impact on the work of any computer hardware or software.

You also agree:

  • not to reproduce, copy, or resell any part of our Website in contradiction to the provisions of our terms of use
  • not to obtain any unauthorized access to, not to interfere, damage or disturb the work of:
    • any part of our Website;
    • any equipment or network used to store our Website;
    • any software used to provide access to our Website; or
    • any equipment, network, or software owned or used by any third party;
  • not to post any content on our Website to be accessed by persons, who have not reached the age when they can officially consume alcoholic drinks in the country where they reside.


Interactive services

Our Website can offer interactive services from time to time, including:

  • Bulletin board systems.

(Interactive services).

In case of providing any interactive services, we will provide to you clear information on services offered, if they are moderated, and on the moderation form (including on the moderation type: with the help of human resources or technical means).

We will do our best to evaluate any potential risks for the users of other websites when they use any Interactive Services offered on our Website and in each specific case we will decide whether the relevant service should be moderated (including on the moderation type to be used) due to such risks. However, we have no obligation to supervise, monitor, or regulate any Interactive Service offered on our Website. We also clearly assume no liability for any damage or loss incurred due to the user using any Interactive Service in contradiction to our content standards, regardless of whether this service is moderated or not.

If an Interactive Service is moderated, we usually provide means of communication with the moderator, if there are certain questions or difficulties.

Content standards

These content standards are applicable to any material you publish on our Website (Publications) as well as any interactive services associated with it.

You should follow the spirit and letter of the standards below. These standards are applicable to any part of any Publication just as to the Publication itself in general and are supplemented by any terms or requirements stipulated in the clause of submission of this Publication.

Publications must:

  • Be accurate (if they include facts).
  • Be true (if they include judgments).
  • Comply with the applicable laws of Ukraine and any country they are published from.

Publications must not:

  • Include any denigrating material.
  • Include any material that is indecent, insulting, promotes hate or excites enmity.
  • Promote any pornographic material.
  • Promote violence.
  • Promote discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, nationality, physical defects, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Promote irresponsible alcohol consumption.
  • Violate any copyright, a right to access to a database or a right in a trademark of any other party.
  • Clearly deceive any person.
  • Be created in contradiction to any legal obligations toward a third party, for example, by contractual obligations or non-disclosure obligations.
  • Promote any illegal activities.
  • Include any attempts to use confidential information, unlawfully use it or violate a person’s right to privacy, cause irritation, inconveniences, or unnecessary worry.
  • Probably persecute, upset, worry, trouble, or irritate any other person.
  • Be used to pretend to be any other person or deliberately provide false information on yourself or affiliation with any other person.
  • Make others believe that they originate from our Website, if this is not true.
  • Advocate, contribute to or assist in any unlawful actions such as (for example) violation of any copyright or use of computers for criminal purposes.

Suspension and denial of access to the Website

We will determine solely at our discretion whether you violated this Acceptable Use Policy while using our Website. In case of violating this Policy, we may take measures we reasonably believe should be taken.

Failure to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy is a material violation of the terms of use, under which you are allowed to use our Website, and may make us take any or all of the actions listed below:

  • immediate temporary or permanent rejection of your right to use our Website;
  • immediate temporary or permanent removal of any publications or materials uploaded by you to our Website;
  • a warning sent to your address;
  • a court investigation launched against you to have you indemnify all the costs on a paid basis (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and judicial costs) incurred due to a violation;
  • subsequent legal actions against you;
  • such information disclosure to the law enforcement agencies, which we consider reasonable, is necessary.

We do not assume any liability for actions taken in response to any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy. Obtaining data described in this Policy is not exhaustive and we may take any other actions that we reasonably believe acceptable and practicable.

Amendments to the Acceptable Use Policy

We may revise this Acceptable Use Policy at any time by changing this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to get updated on all the changes made as they are legally binding upon you. Some provisions in this Acceptable Use Policy may also be replaced with provisions or notices posted on the other pages of our Website.

Updated in July 2018