For us the company's success lies in the diversity of our people, beers and brands.

At Carlsberg Ukraine we develop people with global thinking, understanding of culture and international experience.

This is a guarantee that our organization remains flexible and ready for further growth.


By recognizing and embracing different perspectives and experiences, as well as creating equal opportunities across the organization, we gain a competitive advantage and use the diversity effect to grow our business. We are ready to consider everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, race, religion, etc.

In February 2020 we introduced a policy on personal diversity and inclusion.

Its goal is to create an inclusive and diverse work environment where diversity thrives in support of our strategic goals and priorities.


The policy has four bases:

Global thinking. Develop people with global thinking, understanding of culture and international experience. Provide equal opportunities for development by addressing issues related to inclusive behavior, unconscious prejudice and understanding of culture.

Inclusive leadership. We strive for inclusive leadership - when our leaders provide the opportunity for our employees to be the best both professionally and personally. Dissemination of an inclusive model of leadership roles and encouragement of employees with inclusive behavior.

Diverse talent base. We want to bring together people with different backgrounds, cultures and backgrounds. Impartiality in attitudes, communications and work environment.

Equal opportunities. Recognition and perception of individual characteristics of each. Personal diversity is found in every social identity, such as gender, age, culture, nationality, ethnicity, physical ability, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and other characteristics. It is important to provide career opportunities to talented employees and develop leaders regardless of age, gender, personal beliefs.


Our steps:

  • Today the company employs 37% of the total number of employees; in the board of a company of 6 people 2 women.

  • 4% of the total number of employees are people with disabilities.

  • Our employees are from 21 to 70 years old.

  • In the company, people speak three languages and we understand each other very well.

  • We support a psychologist to adapt our employees to work in new conditions.

  • We help families with children to adapt to working remotely.


Our aspirations:

  • Increase the number of women in key positions.

  • Have an equal number of men and women who study in leadership programs and constitute a personnel reserve.

  • Adhere to equal opportunities and avoid prejudices in the selection of personnel.

  • Provide equal opportunities for professional and personal development to all employees.

  • Develop leaders with inclusive values, acceptance and understanding of the needs of subordinates, respect and tolerance towards others.