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The Carlsberg Group strategy

Our new SAIL'27 strategy is an evolution of the SAIL'22 strategy, but with an accelerated growth plan and significant changes necessary to accommodate market trends and our own heightened ambitions.

SAIL'27 is a company-wide collaboration created by more than 200 Carlsberg employees from more than 30 different markets.

The evolution of SAIL'27 is built around our goal of brewing for a better today and tomorrow, and our ambition to be the most successful, professional, and engaging brewer in our markets.

SAIL'27 focuses on five strategic levers –  our portfolio choices, our geographical priorities, our execution excellence, our winning culture, and funding our journey – for which we have made clear strategic choices, defining the focus of our efforts and allocation of resources.



We pursue perfection every day.

We strive to brew better beers. Beers that stand at the heart of moments that bring people together.

We don't settle for immediate gain, when we can create a better tomorrow for all of us.




Our Ambition is to be the most successful, professional, and attractive brewer in our markets.

​​​​​​​As always, we are guided by what is best for our employees, consumers, customers, and society at large.​​​​​​​



  1. Our portfolio choice:
    the beer category continues to offer attractive long-term volume and value growth opportunities, though with different growth dynamics between categories and markets. Our portfolio choices target these growth opportunities. In addition, we see further attractive growth opportunities for selected categories beyond beer. .
  2. Our geographical priorities: the Group has attractive widespread geographical presence and no. 1 or 2 positions in 22 markets across Western Europe, Asia and Central & Eastern Europe. While market dynamics are different in the three regions, they all offer appealing long-term revenue and earnings growth opportunities.
  3. Our execution excellence: excel in execution remains a key priority in SAIL’27. We will support our portfolio and geographical priorities by stepping up and continuously improving our execution capabilities. 
  4. Our winning culture: to deliver on our ambition of being the most successful, professional, and attractive brewer in the markets where we operate, our company culture is key. Our winning culture focuses on our people, our behaviours and our contribution to societies at large. 
  5. Funding our journey: funding our Journey will be important to free up resources, enabling us to invest more in our brands, allocate significantly higher investments to certain markets, step up investment in capability building and Together Towards ZERO and Beyond, and offset inflationary pressures.

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