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Our Policies

Labor rights and human rights, responsible supply, the fight against bribery and corruption, and product quality and safety are key issues for both our business and stakeholders

Labour rights and human rights


Our comprehensive approach to labour rights and human rights is to provide a safe, healthy work environment in which all our employees can reach their potential.

To achieve our goal, we need to attract the right people, establish the right rules and use our leadership qualities. That is why in 2016 we reviewed and prepared for the launch in 2017 a new version of the Group's Policy on Labor Rights and Human Rights. We have also introduced concept 3 "A" - rules of conduct for training future managers and selecting candidates for leadership positions. The term 3 "A" comes from the first letters of the English words "Accountability", "Alignment", and "Action", which can be translated as "responsibility", "coherence", and "action". These principles are part of Carlsberg Group's approach aimed at creating a culture of teamwork.

Responsible supply

Carlsberg Ukraine tries to make a positive contribution to society and the environment by developing and implementing practical rules of ethical business conduct, through which we ensure the financial success of the company and at the same time ensure that our business strategy and commercial activities are carried out in a responsible way.

Carlsberg Ukraine is proud to be an example of an ethical business, so we expect suppliers and partners with whom we cooperate to be ready to adhere to these standards. By acting in this way, we try to benefit our shareholders and those who matter to the company, including our employees, our business partners and residents of the areas where we operate.

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Licensees sets out the standards that we expect all companies wishing to cooperate with us to comply with. This key document, which is part of our contracts with suppliers, covers four priority areas of responsible development of Carlsberg.

Fighting bribery and corruption

The fight against bribery and corruption is an integral part of the curriculum in all companies of the Group. In addition, in countries with special circumstances, we offer a specially developed individual training program to combat bribery and corruption.

Under the motto "Live our compass", we reaffirmed our position on the ethical conduct of business. It is reflected in the updated Code of Ethics and Conduct.

We implement the new Code both in terms of compliance with the laws and internal regulations of the company, as well as on responsible consumption of alcohol.

Product quality and safety are consistently excellent results

Each of our products has a unique recipe, which gives it a distinct taste, appearance and texture. Throughout the supply chain, we work to ensure that recipes consistently meet the exact specifications defined for each product. We also monitor quality at all stages of production.

The supply of safe, high-quality products is always our top priority.